Singular anonymity


I live my life in anonymity.
No one knows me.
Sometimes I spend my energy
In a fruitless search
Of people who used to know me.
Im not sure why,
They wouldn’t know me now anyway.
The people around me know my appearance.
The people I see know my mannerisms.
The people I grew up with knew the wild me,
The cornered animal girl,
But none of them know
The depths of the woman I am.
I never know if I am to embrace this
Uniqueness, this
Or if I am to try harder.
Perhaps my depths are just
Too daring for most.
I’m emotionally dangerous.


4 thoughts on “Singular anonymity

  1. “Emotionally dangerous” is such a great phrase! Don’t despair, it’s hard for anyone to know all of us. There are things we even keep hidden from ourselves. Caring is what counts.


    1. I have days where I don’t really mind, then I have days where I’m just dying for someone to relate to. I suppose it fuels my artistic side and speaks to others and for that I’m thankful. I will keep my chin up! Thank you for reading!


    1. Yes, but never very far. I also change jobs a lot, or at least I used to. But sometimes when I find those people, I look at them and think of all the reasons I don’t want to talk to them and move on. It’s still disappointing.


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