If I ever need a friend in misery

you are happy to oblige.

If I look for someone to stand victorious with me

you quickly step aside.

Sometimes I wonder why we even are,

Or are we anything at all?


Dust Bowl

I am spent.

Tired and soul weary

Dirt in my teeth, face, hair

Just been dragged along

Wearing me down

Wearing me out.

Nothing left to give

But grit.


I love some of the people in my life

But I have changed in ways they don’t understand

And they’ve changed in ways that I don’t know.

We sit and talk about who we used to be

Neither of us sure how to address this person before us.

Once we were so close,

We were wounded and unwell but close.

Now, we’re healed, heathy and strong

And a million miles apart

When in the same room.

So happy for who you are

But miss you so much at the same time.


The constant tension in my bones has become a low hum and is the background noise to my existence. It is a tension that is recognized by those around me, by those who know me well. It’s like they know that there is something lurking just beneath the surface, they’re terrified by what might break the waves when something disturbs the water.

They are always watching cautiously.