Burn Yourself Down

Burn Yourself Down

Burn Yourself Down

This is addiction.

This is watching yourself in disbelief

In horror

Unable to stop

Unable to control.

Losing yourself

Your morals

Your beliefs

For one single moment

For one small exchange.

You lose who you are

So far you can’t remember.

Phantoms of the person you were drop tokens of

Guilt and memories.

Lies upon Lies

You don’t even know the truth

Or what it was.

So swept away in a meaningless moment of things

You can’t even stand!

You hate it and love it.

It’s all you think about

But could cost you everything.

Has cost you everything.

Scream in your head to just stop

Has no effect

Doesn’t even slow your hand

As you reach for the trigger

And blow yourself away.


The secret is the power

Tell your secret, and the power is lost.


Smooth and Swift

smooth and swift

smooth and swift

Softly smooth and swift

Silently flowing

Like freedom on mute.

Swirling up from darkest depths

Light, lofty

Higher up

Silent flight to heaven’s beams.

Wingbeats careful and cool

Tender and timeless.

Iridescent endless glide

Spiraling up

Trailing behind it all cares

Worries and pain

Levity encompassing


Sailing out from the deepest dark of secrets kept

Your joy will slip out and be seen

If you let it.

Relaxed as Earth



To find the solid rest to seize

gentle as the mountains breeze

softly downy smooth I lay

sleeping pain and stress away.

Solid still lay as the ground

still I lay, not even sound

hinted faint of whispers breath

softly softly, still as death.

Rest whole and pure, faithfully true

rest as deep as ocean blue.

Restore away down to my soul

renewed, enlivened as spring foal.


The Strain

The Strain

The Strain

The cursed clock rings out

I, unwilling, fight it

I drag it on before admitting defeat

The clock is right.

I roll out of bed

Tired feet hit the ground and give way to

Tired legs, hips and back

The first minutes of my day aching,

Wondering why I left the bed.

From the moment I get up

I dream of that bed and

Curse the stiffness and pain.

I push on, forcing myself not to think about it

Not to think about me

Just get through the next task.

After you do this, you can stretch

After you do this, you can lay down

After you do this, you can get up and move.

Task by task I lumber on

All   Day   Long.

I always promise myself rest

The clock always disagrees.