Day Soft as Water

Secret Morning

Secret Morning

Water like glass

Sun high in the sky

Bright overhead watching all.

Soft breeze caress my face

Tousles my hair

Gentle nudge of the day.

Clouds pile high

Fluff on fluff

Mighty casting shadows

Backlight like golden edges

Rays of the sun power around but not through

Their bright, perfect white

Contrasting the sky.

Perfect blue and powder puffs

Mirror in the water

Still and smooth

All is soft and gentle

Caressing my soul

Assuring my being

Taking away the world.

All I need is this moment.

There is no before and no after.

All I have and need is right here.

Sitting in my smallness

In the great big world.

The present is the greatest gift.

I open and relish in it.


Battle of Black and Blue


I live with chronic pain.

It stirs waves of depression that crash over me.

It throws me under currents of anxiety that I cannot bear.

It tears me down with exhaustion and disappointment

feeling trapped inside my own body.

I cry

from the pain

from the frustration

from the exhaustion.

I am trapped and alone.

I try to tell others, and it seems I’m speaking

another language suddenly.

Strange looks


“You’re so young…”

But I fight

I fight with knowledge

I fight with passion

I fight with LIFE.

It may hurt

but I’m still alive.

I may be slowed down

but I cannot be STOPPED.