Autumn Woods Calling


Trying To Copy Impossible


How to truly capture something wild
Something beautiful
On a simple piece of paper.
Can it really be done?
Do these facsimiles we call art
Do any justice
To the passions
The wiles
The crests and valleys
The curves, dips and points
Of what we hope to emulate?
All I can do is show you
My facsimile of beauty.
I hope you find it reasonable.

Fluffy Perception


I numb it all down
Soften the edges and
Fluff the middle.
The entire world becomes an orb
Soft and glowing
Fuzzy and gentle.
It can’t hurt me this way.
I change it all,
The entire place
Becomes warm and inviting
Tender and sweet
Harmless and kind.
It’s all a bit blurry
It’s all a little hard to see
But when you slip into the numb
Gently falling into the
Caress of the earth
Wrapping yourself in the comfort
Of this shortsightedness
This inability to see
And differentiate
You gladly sacrifice wit
For the ability to relax
And finally sleep.

The Beauty of Buzzards



I watch them circle

Off in the distance.

Swirling, turning, floating higher.

Graceful, silent, never flapping.

They gather and hover

A black menacing mass

Churning above something mysterious

Something unseen.

They are death

And Disease.

They are harbingers of all

We wish to ignore.

These silent, soft graceful things

Gliding on forever

Seen to only symbolize things that

Terrify and


They swirl off and away.

Never flapping

Only gliding

Like giant black kites of


I will gaze upon them again tomorrow.

The Decadent Darkness


The beauty of the twilight

As it slowly seeps down through the trees

Transformed the world from above to below

And stilled the summer breeze. 

The cool crept in

As darkness spread

Veiling over the entire world. 

The evening matured into

Exquisite night

Feminine and mysterious and powerful

In her hidden glory. 

We say in awe of her

Unable to compare with her all encompassing presence. 

We huddled around our fire

And gazed deeply into her purple sky

And diamond stars in sheer amazement

Enamored with her endless depth. 

She surrounded us and swallowed us whole

Her sliver moon smile gleaming as a Cheshire cat

Till dawn crept over her and melted her away in bright, fiery day. 

We were sad to see her go. 

The Soft Slip of Summer’s Veil

The Dogwood breeze flows freely

Softly twirling and swirling,

Hovering just above the carpet green.

It flows in like a magical veil of

Summer’s beauty,

Lulling the trees

Softening the air

Warming the sun.

The leaves dance and sparkle

They flit and glimmer in the sun

Tickling in the Dogwood breeze.

It quietly slips through

Tawny bark and

Dances on the blades of grass.

The birds glide easy

With the enchanting white orbs that blow like snow

All throughout the Dogwood breeze.

The Details are in the Eye of the Beholder

Just sharing the beautiful little parts of the big picture today. Wanted to get into the emotional depths of things, but instead, I’m bringing you the little parts of “the big picture”. Maybe I’m looking at things wrong, but this is much more joyful.