Autumn Woods Calling


The Beauty of Buzzards



I watch them circle

Off in the distance.

Swirling, turning, floating higher.

Graceful, silent, never flapping.

They gather and hover

A black menacing mass

Churning above something mysterious

Something unseen.

They are death

And Disease.

They are harbingers of all

We wish to ignore.

These silent, soft graceful things

Gliding on forever

Seen to only symbolize things that

Terrify and


They swirl off and away.

Never flapping

Only gliding

Like giant black kites of


I will gaze upon them again tomorrow.

The Secret in My Stare

Lace for Me

Lace for Me

wisp in the breeze

wisp in the breeze


These are the secrets that I keep.

They are the shapes of the clouds and they gently fluff by.

They are the dapples of sunlight sifting through to the grass,

And the wisp of the moon in the breeze.

The birds flit in the sunlight,

Bantering with each other.

The sweat bees hover around

and dip into their dens.

They are the heavy clouds

That press upon my soul

And change the way the beauty looks.

They are the aches and pains that slow me down

Give me doubts about myself.

They are heavy deep and dark.

They are pain, solitude, exhaustion, depression.

They are the buzz from my medicine that makes the world

So mesmerizing.

They are the giggles I keep stifled

And the tears I guard fiercely.

On the outside, I must seem aloof and controlled

But inside, and ocean of awe and emotion rolls.

Day Soft as Water

Secret Morning

Secret Morning

Water like glass

Sun high in the sky

Bright overhead watching all.

Soft breeze caress my face

Tousles my hair

Gentle nudge of the day.

Clouds pile high

Fluff on fluff

Mighty casting shadows

Backlight like golden edges

Rays of the sun power around but not through

Their bright, perfect white

Contrasting the sky.

Perfect blue and powder puffs

Mirror in the water

Still and smooth

All is soft and gentle

Caressing my soul

Assuring my being

Taking away the world.

All I need is this moment.

There is no before and no after.

All I have and need is right here.

Sitting in my smallness

In the great big world.

The present is the greatest gift.

I open and relish in it.

Relaxed as Earth



To find the solid rest to seize

gentle as the mountains breeze

softly downy smooth I lay

sleeping pain and stress away.

Solid still lay as the ground

still I lay, not even sound

hinted faint of whispers breath

softly softly, still as death.

Rest whole and pure, faithfully true

rest as deep as ocean blue.

Restore away down to my soul

renewed, enlivened as spring foal.


The Details are in the Eye of the Beholder

Just sharing the beautiful little parts of the big picture today. Wanted to get into the emotional depths of things, but instead, I’m bringing you the little parts of “the big picture”. Maybe I’m looking at things wrong, but this is much more joyful.