Just a little show


Internal Goodbye


There is that moment
That heavy, dark, heartsinking moment
Where it all becomes clear.
All lines to a finite point
Yes, it has come to this.
That moment held
Locked tight in deep denial
For so long
Looking away from the blaringly obvious
Choosing your own reality instead.
“This won’t break it. Most people would succumb, but not me, I can make it”
The bleak bowling ball of truth hits
Then you see
All at once
It’s over.
That time has passed and gone away.
Those moments
Those people
That comfort
Has left.
All the things promised
Have all fallen away.
Now the roads, closely intertwined
Part ways,
Far from each other.
There is a loss
A moment you are alone.
Look around in sad abandon
And wonder what to do next.
Put down the weight and walk down the road.
There’s nothing else that can be done.

Velvet Metronome



The way the night

Slips and soothes into existence

It gently lulls with the soft sounds of

The chirps and creaks and gentle bellows

Of it’s lovely little creatures.

The crickets keep time to the tune

Of the overheard moon.

Their metronome has been a comfort

Even on the bleakest

Moonless nights.

A wonder how a small black creature

On a dark velvet night

In the still of the avalanche of life

Can slow it all down

Make it all stop

And be the keeper of your heartbeat

When each beat may

Break it, just a little.

He softens the night

Keeps it constant

When all else may falter or change.

No matter how long or dark or lonely my night

I know the metronome keeps it moving

Keeps me breathing

And this all shall pass.

I can sleep.